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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'll Cutcha Bitch!!

Have you ever had somebody mistake your kindness for a weakness, and disrespect you? Well my Limp Wrists I have created a song for the very occasion when you need to put them in check. It's titled "I'll Cut'cha Bitch!" 

I'll cut'cha bitch, I'll cut'cha and I'll grind you into pieces. I'll crack your face and you will need adhesive. I'll swallow you and chew you like a reeses pieces you smell like fucking feces. Don't try it bitch, cause I'm nice but I will slice you into pieces. Then I'll mail them to your nephews and your nieces. And I'll write about it make you as my thesis, please BITCH, this shit you cannot teach this...I'll cut'cha bitch!!!

So if you can identify with the need to set someone me boo and keep it LIMP!!

L.I.M.P. (Love In Me Prevails)

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